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When the new experimental plant for the Sanitary Research

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while in the patients who died the number of pneumococci

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Hypochlorhydria. — In many cases of chlorosis this condition is one

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quently yield to the proper administration of the bromides. A single

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through the ground squirrels seemed to have no appreciable influ-

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The male tick which had fed on guinea-pig 2,266 was placed

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employed leeches, attained all that I desired by allowing them

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also be administered by the rectum or internally. In the latter case we

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[Cushny does not consider that the valerianate of quinine has any

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of antimony and ipecac 0.0006 G. (Vioo ^■) each. To a child of 2 years

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with walls about 45 micromillimeters thick. The air is now ex-

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incompatibility with moral reason and free agency. The analysis

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of air again, and mitigate coincident headache. A 1-2 per cent, solution

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soon after delivery, and the latter when the system is suffering from

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ling aerial agency is entirely in accordance with the Report.

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a theory which we humbly conceive will stand the test of time.

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dion tubes are suspended in test-tubes of water by means of a thread and sterilized.

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from the congested lungs, and relieve the pulmonary circulation. They

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grouped rather loosely about phagocyted organisms, the leukocytic mass now has

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But if a high degree of motor insufficiency of the stomach is accom-

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years. He is well known to the profession by his work on " Tlie

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his teeth himself and to gargle. Before he has learned to gargle he may

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measures can be decided upon as the best treatment in any single case

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apparently originating from foul emanations ; this was the case of

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showed no reaction whatever, while those that had not been thus

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showed a diminished phagocytic activity early in the disease, with

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onally across the anterior half of the parasite. The form repre-

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milk: average 64,000, maximum 539,000, minimum 9,000.

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Sth December 1869. — Dr Bell, President, in the Chair.

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fairly satisfactory in all the effluents, the average value of 2.2 parts

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those unaccustomed to any form of exercise, fat and flabby in musculature,

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five years employed hydrobromate of quinine, with or without ergotin, in

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that this inactivity on the part of human complement when treated with rabbit hemol-

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are dealing with known quantities of the drug. We are practically

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fact that NaCl in sufficient quantities prevents the binding of complement.

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