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they might not more properly be designated as luxations. That there

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Lancet, 1887, ii. 23. PINELKS. Jl'icn. Jahrbuch f. Psych, xiii. 1895. 24. PITT,

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of the connective tissue — and hence the whole organ increases in size,

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may be an unfavorable omen. When whooping-cough is accidentally asso-

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ence in the mortality in the two classes of cases is the more remarkable

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to bailie the efforts of the most able physicians \ and that, generally

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The Regular Examining Board has not thought it wise, for

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ing effects the vital powers, than the excited and painful expressions of active

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observed in a girl three years old, who was in the habit of throwing

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direction of the fibres, and with an ear-piece attached, is applied to the

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patient wished it done, under the false impression that the tooth

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(9) Atrophy of the central vessels of the papilla, with conservation of the

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soothing effect, and has proved to be most destructive in its action upon the

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1886-7, xxvii, 178-183. Also, Reprint. — Ker-shncr (E.)

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off"; at the end of two or three days the pulsations of the heart were

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cholera it should be more generally used, as well as in acute

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be treated as ordinary hydroceles, either by aseptic

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regions of the body. Incisions into the infiltrated parts,

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Censors— Frederick Gilnack, M.D., Frank L. Smith, M.D.,

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will suppose now that an anopheline had been fed on the blood of

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December 18. Cut on neck entirely healed, thyroid about

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483. — King (W. E.) Electricity's field in ophthalmic

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state. They occur in a similar manner after surgical op-

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markable one, as showing an entire absence of the inflammatory

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Additional sutures were passed through the sero-muscular

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1. Can the head be rotated on its transverse axis, restoring

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Dr. John Edward Kane, 81 Earl Street, Kingston; Dr. Harley