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in June and July, and who are equally sensitive to June grass

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intensity of stain at the end of each hour (should be

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stage, slight catarrhal and feverish symptoms may present themselves.

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gard of pathology and the causes of disease. Equally apt are

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certain nervous changes (pseudo-hypertrophic paralysis), but its cause may be

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(a) Macroscopic. Examine plates unopened until colonies

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in an airtight Novy jar or desiccator, the air in the container is

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Shortly after the middle of December she rather suddenly

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Syn., Lat., Fcbris Rubra; Er., Fttvre rouge — Scarlatine ; Ger.,

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ture overnight. The next day add normal saline solution

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and, according to Ehrlich, antitoxine is an antidote which, physiologically and

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benzoate in combination with digitalis, as shown in Fig. 189,

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For the first time since our organization, now more than ten years ago, do we

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slapping the abdomen with a towel wet with ice-water, by the

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Thirst is a prominent symptom at the beginning, but later on is not

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times producing a dysenteric condition similar to that

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a small amount of an active thyroid preparation. One symptom

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Chlorosis. — Praised especially by an Italian physician, Men-

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treatment of laryngeal stenosis has induced our committee of

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a. Litmus milk has a differential value based on lactose fermen-

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were not favorable. Indeed, this doctrine, if pushed to its legiti-

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chemical reactions : — (a) A solution of iodine stains amyloid a deep

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Ik Following the above* method, proceed as in step ((>) under

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torily Tested By Above Methods Because of Contamination,

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nating the waters of my neighbor's reservoir or cistern, he would

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-an acid clot torn by gas bubbles and separation of the milk into

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phoric-tungstic acid reagent solution is water clear,

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condition of the uterine mucous membrane when the granulations

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seventh month up to the very time of delivery. The examina-

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which I s is the intensity of light transmitted through a cuvette

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the typical colonies they form on EMB agar and other lactose-

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creased by massaging the finger from the base toward

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the vena cava, and thence into the right side of the heart, to be deposited

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however, that it is possible to recognise the bacterial infection from the