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TABLE 1. — Blood Fat Before and After Splenectomy*

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the stitch at the angle was the main point upon which success

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ordinary attacks of eclampsia, or attacks resembling those of laryngismns

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after an hour's quiet sleep, she awoke and vomited blood

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of the attack. He adds, however, that this increase is not always to

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ing for its patients at the State Sanatorium. The former is a much

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Hospital July 29, 1892. Seventeen years ago he slip-

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an increased oxidation of proteid, a characteristic effect of

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sometimes absorbent cotton, but usually pieces of bichloride

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chloride, ergot or ergotin, sulphuric acid, acetate of lead, or turpentine may

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instance, as a lobster's claw). These were especially resorted to in pain-

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the skies;" it is the great broad fact of a life consecrated to that "charity" " which covereth a

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gumma. In cases of epilepsy and hemiplegia, it would always

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demics there are irregular chills, and occasional sweats for the first

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the oil (diluted with as much sweet oil for a delicate skin) may be

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since the operation, the patient could fle.K and extend the elbow

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might say. The school at Franklin is among the oldest. There are

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cases, the relaxing influence of the preceding nausea contributes greatly

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Disease, mentions a case of embolism supervening upon the

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with animals may not be volunteered. If there is a suspicion

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cles they use ; but we do not teach all the doctrines or practices

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on subjects other than those strictly medical, that is, on astronomical,

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are rarely completely cured, because they leave as soon as they feel some-

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which I thought was faulty, and the cause of his attacks

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last. Menses irregular for some time, and ceased at age of forty-three ; health

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excitement, or it may lead to simple dementia with limited mental power.

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go into a wood or to some retired spot to hang themselves, and their

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have been made aseptic, cutting the ends short. Usually

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disease ; it is, however, a frequent result of poisoning by

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Aragao, from the Archiv fiir Protistenkunde) - - - 241

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of the condition, classifying it among the psycho-degen-

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