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losis treated by injections of dioradin. See page 123, ante.

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which is observed in ordinary pleurisy, in which the

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you would smile, and ask " why then study at all ?" I will not go

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work in this field. "It is true that the science of the

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Hospital. In this position he not only distinguished himself highly,

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There is loss of appetite and suspended rumination,

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be referred to, beginning with personal prophylaxis,

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for E.xperiniental Biology and Medicine (annuaH : The

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wound had healed up soundly around the tracks of the horsehair

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the affected leg to the floor. In some cases there is

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York ; 14. Dr. H. L. Byrd, Augusta, Ga.; 15. J. W. Weston,

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spine is displaced to the right, and it is also rotated, or

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Decline of Cattle Plague. — The cattle plague returns up to

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