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coal-tar products as a "class" of pernicious drugs. In a

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and, occasionally, fever and nausea; yet none seem to consider that

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contains Dr Barclay's arrangement of all the muscles belonging

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heart of a frog weighing 30 gm. This quantity Gottlieb calls^ a "frocr

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itaited from the inner wall of the dura mater, and rarely attained any

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coma. In the fourth case, the patient was seven years old, and had chronic

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administering tuberculin. In the wards, where patients are under

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he says, " has no authoi-ity for saying this. It would

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this time digitalis had been continuously administered in the form

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trachea and bronchiae. In all dissections after death by this

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Less frequently the ileum prolapses through the valve into the colon

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existed when he was discharged. The recovery in the use of

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The patient rej>orted at my office four months later, when

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by the slightest obstacle. Any trifling obliquity of surface, or

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differs radically from other observers in only one instance —

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ority which has commenced to vanish on account of the excess of production. I

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bicarbonate of soda and tartaric acid. He recognized, both in the fast-

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during his lifetime contributed many articles to Le Journal de

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paramount importance, is the surgical preparation of the

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* Reprinted from the Archives of Medicine, vol. v., No. 3, June, 1881.

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cle ; the point of resistance from which the recoil took place, therefore, must

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Embolism of the inferior mesenteric artery is sometimes unattended by

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the same as we observe in thrombosis. Jacksonian epilepsy is quite

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No use to go down at once and scrape out, but rather wait for line of demarca-

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to marry should be granted except on a reliable physi-

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from a sudden increase of the accumulation of blood within the left ven-

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colic or diarrhea. Dr. Brocq uses paregoric, which he has found

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Mag. f. LiEgevi'densk., Christiania,1891.4. R.,vi, 1040-1045.—

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nosticator, said that, under certain circumstances, purgatives

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This physiological condition is called glycsemia. Glycsemia results from

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when asked, " From what book ? " replied, " How do you ask ?

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coal-tar products as a "class" of pernicious drugs. In a

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interesting. In small doses, it seems to stimulate the bone-marrow to

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The Pall-mall Gazette, in calling attention to Dr. Lankester's

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