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ference to the following case ? I was lately called upon to visit a
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recovered sufficiently to return to work for a short period.
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may well be considered the real factor in producing that paralysis of
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locomotor ataxy. It leads, us the Department*] Committee on I
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officially connected with the Equitable, of New York, is one of
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York Asylum, the management of which is evidently looked
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well-being quite out of keeping with the ])atient's ]iliysical condition. In
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may have been the victims of this criminal offense, giving the name and
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truth and force, the injustice and folly of attempting to impose so many
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The final paper was read by Dr. E. D. Ferguson, of Troy;
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plication of chloroform directly to the worms by cotton
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which had the salutary effect of bringing him to his senses,
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tise Medicine and Surgery, or which would enable the General
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now in our grand country no sectional lines — no South, no North, East,
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the Canada Life and rent what we need from the Canada Life. Do you think the Canada
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delusions. Delusions are often of slow growth, and, though constituting
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Nervous Depression. A lady, aged 40, is the subject of
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enters the convalescent state. Where absorption takes place, the
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was inoculated on the left thigh, on the 21st of May. On the
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safely through her childbed should never be disregarded, far less
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Journal of the Minnesota State Medical Association, Southern Minnesota Medical Association, Northern Minnesota
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dual pustules night and morning. Dr. Foot applies Carbolic Oil to
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