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rigor mortis (thus artificially produced) causes some
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between the dead and the living tissue. The removal of the sequestrum
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The meeting was duly appreciated by the members, and the
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my experience, if I was able to isolate the patient and vaccin-
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Reporter. It was voted to continue the same at the discretion of the
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associated with the spine, and these include the pains already
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the dressings and the wire net for the instruments, two
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size to admit three fingers. Three weeks later it would admit
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diagnosis, a great believer in the efficacy of Medical treatment,
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prejudice. His peculiar fitness for administrative work as well
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bers of new species. He believed in the persistence and independ-
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and 0th D. removed; cord bent; no pulsation; compressing
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from the sudden interference with the circulation within the area of the
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exercises to obtain the greatest individual benefits to the whole group
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radius in contact with the end of the upper fragment of
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1884-5, xxxvi, 408. Also: Lancet, Lond., 1885, i, 342.—
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to mention. He had occasion to amputate the forearm of a man
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things, must include many excellent blacksmiths and trades-
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either this or any other valuable work upon the same subject,
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heart's strength ; objects which, in the treatment of all
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Most practitioners entertain strong doubts of the efficacy of
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one anaesthetic exclusively. Stomach surgery has several impor-
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IV^any of your patients take several different medicines every day. Separately
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history of hsemoptysis. Except in one case, in which it persisted
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brought to bear, the following clauses are proposed :
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putation of the leg or forearm than in a case where the thigh or arm
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arising, instant and radical relief becomes imperative. Under these
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biotic susceptibility testing of meningococci (currently not
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glands, which latter may be filled with caseous material con-
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Balantidium coli hominis in the edge of the glandular tissue 65
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fluence of any delusion which rendered his mind at the moment insensible of
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Fettgehalt pathologischer Organe. Arch. f. path. Anat.
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Ann Arbor Medical College. — At the commencement exer-
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how she could empty this dreadful cup in five minutes by